LE Instruction

Shihan Pascetta receiving Honors Award at New Jersey State Police Academy - Sea Girt, NJ 1975

A former police officer, Master Pascetta has taught numerous law enforcement officers in defensive tactics as well as the tactical use of the nunchaku sticks for law enforcement. His background also involves extensive training with the PR-24 side-handle baton. Pascetta, himself, is a 1975 Honors Graduate of the New Jersey State Police Academy at Sea Girt. He received his M.O.I. (Methods of Instruction) certification from the New Jersey Police Training Commission at the Atlantic City Police Academy in 1976. He is certified by the State of New Jersey to teach Defensive Tactics and Use of Force. He is also a Certified Instructor for the PR-24 side-handle baton, Certified Instructor for Tactical Handcuffing, and a Certified Instructor for the Expandable Baton.

Master Pascetta has been a certified Police Instructor by the New Jersey State Police Training Commission since 1976 and has taught law enforcement personnel and in various Police Academies in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and Massachusetts. He  has also taught as an instructor at Executive Protection training camps for private security personnel.  He later held the position of Director of Operations for a large security firm and was responsible for training security personnel in liability conscious Use of Force and Defensive Tactics.

Master Pascetta was certified as an International Tactical Master Instructor of the CDT Non-lethal force system for Law Enforcement and Family Protection. He later received the “Top 10 CDT Instructor Award” in 2001.  He was primarily responsible for introducing the CDT method into Italy and also for assisting introducing CDT into England while teaching NHS nurses there.

Shihan Pascetta Training Military LE Enforcement, Fort Meyer, VA - 2009


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