Radio and Television

Shihan Pascetta - Kadena AFB, Okinawa 1987

On radio, Master Pascetta has been a featured guest on such Philadelphia talk radio shows as the Irv Homer Show (WWDB), Dr. Jim Corea (WWDB), and the Susan Bray Show (WCAU). On television, Pascetta’s first appearance came on “Today in the Delaware Valley” (KYW-TV). He also appeared on “Sport Scene” and “Talk of the Town” (Cable 13).

In 1985, he hosted a television program for local cable TV called “Ric Pascetta’s Martial Arts Magazine”. This program featured prominent martial arts masters from various disciplines in an interview and demonstration format aimed at entertaining and educating the audience and exposing common misconceptions and myths about the martial arts.

Shihan Pascetta interviewing Billy Blanks @ Arnold Fitness Festival

In 1986, Pascetta served as expert and color commentator for six, 1 hour specials featuring the America Cup International Team Championships and again on this program in 1987 for four 1 hour specials. Both series aired on CTN-TV, a cable network with 1.2 million homes. Other championships at which he has served as either house announcer or expert/color commentator include:

  • ®America Cup Karate Championships
    Airport Hilton Phila., Pa. 1985 (CTN-TV)
  • ®Miller Lite Karate Championships
    Westerly, R.I. 1986 (Storer Cable)
  • ®Lamarr Thornton’s Battle of the Dojos
    City College N.Y., N.Y. 1986
  • ®Budweiser Liberty Classic
    Madison Square Garden N.Y., N.Y. 1986 (ESPN)
  • ®Budweiser NAKC Midwest Karate Championships
    Ohio Center Columbus, Ohio 1986 (ESPN)
  • ®America Cup International Team Championships
    Sun Center Aston, Pa. 1986 (CTN-TV)
  • ®Empire State Karate Championships
    Stoneybrook College L.I., N.Y. 1986, 87 (Metro Cable)

    Shihan Pascetta interviewing Joe Lewis @ Joyce Santamaria's Empire State Nationals

  • ®Miller Lite Greater Metropolitan Open
    Queens College N.Y., N.Y. 1987
  • ®USA-AUSTRIA-ITALIA International Team Challenge
    Sottomarina, Italy 1990 (MSG Cable-TV)
  • ®NBL SuperGrand Nationals
    San Jose, California 1991 (MSG Cable-TV)
  • ®NBL SuperGrand Nationals
    Atlantic City, New Jersey 1992
  • ®Golden Dragon World Cup
    Rimini, Italy 1993
  • ®10th WAKO World Championships
    Stuttgart, Germany 1995 (Eurosport)
  • ®6th International TangSooDo Championships
    Penn State – Lima, PA 1995
  • ®Delaware Valley All Traditional Karate Championships
    CoreStates Center – Philadelphia, PA 1996
  • ®America Cup International Karate and Team Championships                                                                                                                                                                                                         Cores States Center, Phila., PA 1999 (Comcast SportsNet)
  • ® Battle of Columbus and Asian Culture Fair (Video Production and Commentary)
  • Columbus, Ohio 1999
  • ®Arnold Battle of Columbus (Video Production, Commentary, and Live Webcast)
  • Columbus, Ohio 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 (Vice Chairman of World Martial Arts Games)

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