The “Street Fighter” vs. the Martial Artist

Shihan Pascetta

Have you ever been presented the question, “What would be the results in a confrontation between a “street fighter” and a martial artist?” I have been challenged with this question on many occasions along with the subsequent debate that typically follows. In the following discussion, perhaps we can shed some light on this age-old question.

Throughout my career functioning in roles as a Martial Artist, Security Operative/Consultant, as a Police Officer, and as a private citizen, I have had the opportunity to observe, experience, and record various situations which have given me a perspective that is beyond simple speculation and theory.

In any thorough discussion of this subject we must begin with the following fact of reality. First, any real life confrontation is primarily a matter between the specific individuals participating along with the logistical factors that may influence the results.

When we begin to change these variables, then the result is also likely to change. Therefore, it is important to begin with the realization that our conclusions are more a matter of probability rather than a concrete reality. We would be in error to assume that, hypothetically, such results would remain the same in any or every occurrence.