Announcement – Site Upgrades

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MAI Team

Thank you for your patience over the last few days as we have added some significant upgrades to help make our site more user friendly.

We have added an upgraded Comment system. This allows Comments and responses to remain posted together when replying directly to any comment. The Comment box will now expand as you write. There is now a feature that allows Comments to be posted directly from Facebook. It also allows for photos to be added with your Comments.

At the top right on the Side Panel you can select either English or Italian translations of our site content. Our site content is now fully bilingual with the Italian translation of each Page and Article (Post) on its own separate pages, all grouped together under the Italian section. In this way the “Comments” in Italian will also match the translated articles.

Unfortunately, due to technical issues we are not able to transfer previous comments from the original posts to the recreated Italian language posts. Since we originally had the Italian translations on the same page as the original English translation, we can not move them but they will remain there. We apologize for any confusion as both English and Italian past comments are all listed under the original English translations of the appropriate articles. All future posts, however, will now remain with the appropriate language translation where they are posted.

On the right Side Panel you will find “Recent Articles“, however, you will also find “Categories” where the articles are categorized into groups under various topics. This should  help to find and/or follow articles with similar themes or in a series. At the end of each article are links to similar articles.  Where the article is part of a longer series, we have added links at the end of each article that will take you directly forward to the next article in that series or back to the previous article in the same series.

It is our desire to continue to make our Blog more accessible and simpler to use. Thank you for your input and we  look forward to your continued interaction on our site.



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