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Reviewing the troops...

Martial Arts has been my passion for close to 50 years now and I have been blessed to have had the opportunity during this incredible journey to have traveled the world in search of the many truths and wisdom that have come to enrich my life. It is my desire  to share these insights and experiences with others who have the same passion but at the same time, also to continue to remain as a student of life.

It is my humble intention to examine with open eyes an accurate account of the history and actions of our notable predecessors as well as a  clear analysis  of ourselves and our contemporaries with the ultimate intent of moving steadfastly toward an inspiring future. My famous teacher, the late Grand Master Peter Urban stated it wisely when he said: “Old knowledge bring serenity, new knowledge brings progress.”

It is my firm belief that if we ever come to the point that we think we have all the answers then we have crossed the threshold into self-delusion. Once we lose the ability to learn then we have begun moving away from life, toward death. So, I welcome all to join me here and share in the discussions openly and freely. It matters little whether we agree or not on every particular issue but more that we each respect the others right to form and express individual opinions.

A friend once told me that: “Opinions are like armpits; everyone has at least two and they can become pretty smelly…” With that said partially in jest, my real point is that we need to stay humble enough with each of our viewpoints to keep the discussion open and constructive yet still be willing to agree to even disagree at times.

I look forward to some very stimulating and inspiring interaction by those out in the MA world who either have something to ask, or something to add. Whether you are a non-martial artist with a curiosity,  a novice seeking accurate information and  insights, a seasoned practitioner, or a true Master with enormous experience; let’s keep it real and seek the truth as we share our love of Martial Arts.


Shihan Ric Pascetta



  • Mel Roberts says:

    Blessings and Light Shihan! Good luck in all of your endeavors!

  • abe says:

    Hopefully this blog can stay respectful and not become what the YOutube has become. If you disagree with someone it doesn't mean you have to put them down, one must learn to agree to disagree. If we can do that then I think this blog has no ending. lol let the games begin!!

    • Again, we agree. That is my intention, however, I hope to moderate the posts in a manner not to exclude anyone's opinion even if we disagree. On the other hand, let me reassure you and whoever reads this that I will not tolerate slander and/or using this forum to trash other Martial Artists. We can agree to disagree as long as it remains civil and respectful.

  • abe says:

    In my opinion, we should be open minded like a white Belt, in listening to one another's point of view Its precarious to me how when two adults argue or disagree they carry a grudge for a lifetime however, when two children argue they can be best friends again after ten minutes!

  • Bruce Drogo says:

    Great information Ric, i enjoyed reading them and more to come… Thanks My Friend Bruce

    • Thank you Bruce for your kind words and encouragement. I look forward to your input and opinions as a martial arts teacher that is well respected not only for your excellent teaching ability but also for the realism of your practical approach along with your "street proven" and "street ready" skills.

  • Danny Danzi says:

    Shihan Pascetta now? Wow, congrats Sensei! *bows* I studied with you many years ago in Washington Twp. in the fire hall and you were my first teacher. In the days when Howard Moore was teaching in your school as a brown belt with his black belt waiting for him on top of the main class mirror with his name engraved on it in red letters. 🙂 I studied with Master Urban for a while when he was living in Williamstown while married to a good friend of mines mother. After Master Urban left, I studied with Phil Maldonato for a few years as well. Phil was actually a purple belt in my class when I studied with you. How’s that for a list of “blast from the past?” 🙂 It’s very interesting to read you now compared to when I knew you years ago. I was a child of 8 years old, (studied with you until you moved) you were a master kicking butt and taking names. Hahaha! 🙂 I don’t mean that disrespectfully, but it’s just amazing how much we can grow in our art as well as how we change over time. You were incredible in your physical teaching abilities as well as your wise words and discipline, but the years and experience have really shown forth in the material you have shared here on your site and I mean that with the utmost respect, Shihan Pascetta. I look forward to your posts and insight as you are, and will always be, an awesome inspiration to me and others and one of the first names I and others will associate with “GoJu Karate” when it is mentioned from now until the end of time. It’s great to read your words of wisdom Sensei. I wish you continued success, health, and happiness. 🙂

    • joe caracciolo says:

      Hi Danny, I was there too at that time. joe caracciolo

      • rpascetta says:

        Hi Joe,
        It' great to see your name again. It has been many years since you trained or we spoke. I hope that all is well with you and your life is going well. I will send you an email with some contact info in case you want to call and catch up. I hope to speak with you soon.

  • Just stumbled across this blog, very interesting and informative! The point about being able to share one's opinions respectfully is an excellent one, and unfortunately this is not something that martial artists have always been good at. Although I'm well-known for having strong opinions about training methods and other aspects of martial arts, I can happily talk about these issues in depth with many of my friends who don't see eye-to-eye with me at all on the issues, but can still be respectful, as can I.

    • rpascetta says:

      Hi Robert, welcome to our site and thank you for your kind compliments. We welcome your opinion whether we are in agreement to them or not. My firm belief is that when it ever comes to the point that we think we know everything and can't learn from others, then we have retarded our own growth. Please feel free to express your points of view and hopefully we will have an interesting and stimulating experience learning from each other. I see you are from the UK, one of my favorite countries where I have had the pleasure of interacting with many incredible Martial Artists and also is the home of a number of real life friends who are at the top of their game in the International security industry. Our American history owes a lot to the principles we inherited from the courageous people of the British Isles. I am embarrassed that our present political administration seems to have forgotten this critical and long term friendship and alliance. But on a more personal note, the spirit and skill levels of many of the Martial Artists that I have had the pleasure to train with, fight against, and fight alongside from your country are among the best in the world. For whatever it is worth, please be advised that this patriotic American does not forget his friends nor the friends that have been critical to the safety and security of our country.

  • As Socrates says, “wisest is he who knows that he does not know” because knowledge of one’s own ignorance is an intellectual edge over those who think they know but in reality do not.

    AGKAI 1985 Port Jervis NY and Monticello NY

  • matt zuino says:

    Shihan Pascetta,

    Hope this message finds you well. I trained under Howard Moore in the early 80s and would like to do so again. Do you have his contact information.

    Than You.

    • rpascetta says:

      Hi Matt,

      As you probably know, Howard was a very talented student of mine who left my school after testing for Shodan-Ho, yet not completing all the subsequent requirements for certification. His acceptance of 4th Degree Black Belt from Peter Urban, dated 3 days after he left my dojo, became an obstacle between us for sometime. Although I will always have reservations about the credibility and integrity of accepting such a "promotion", eventually Howard and I regained a relatively positive but different relationship, particularly after he switched systems to Ninjitsu. I was pleased to at least be able to "make peace" as I sincerely cared for him. He was as a kind and considerate human being and an excellent athlete.

      I wish I could help you with your question. Up until approximately a month ago I was under the belief that Howard Moore had, unfortunately, passed away. This was a rumor I heard quite a while ago with little details. I was recently told that was misinformation.

      So, I am in the same boat you are in with regard to any contact information. I sincerely hope the rumor I first heard really was misinformation, but, quite frankly, this is all I know. If you find otherwise, please take a moment and update me and rest my mind. Thank you and good luck with your training aspirations. If there is any other way I can be of assistance, please let me know.