Shihan Pascetta - Promoter - Kickboxing Fight Cards, Sutor's Atlantic City

While training in California in 1975, Master Pascetta was introduced by Joe Lewis to Mike Anderson, publisher of PROFESSIONAL KARATE MAGAZINE, Don Quine, President of the newly formed PKA, and his wife, Judy Balaban Quine. It was Mike Anderson and the Quines who persuaded Master Pascetta to become the East Coast representative for the PKA and begin to promote PKA “Full-contact” Karate/Kickboxing on the East Coast.

In 1975, Pascetta was responsible for promoting the first major professional karate full-contact matches in Philadelphia at the Philadelphia Arena, as well as, a series of smaller events which followed at the Tower Theater and various local colleges. Pascetta promoted later events in various venues at the Jersey shore. Due to his numerous efforts and accomplishments in developing the full-contact sport: as a fighter, a coach, a promoter, and a referee; he became known and introduced at many Delaware Valley events as the “Father of Professional Karate” in the Philadelphia area.

Shihan Pascetta Promoter & Color Commentator @ 1985 America Cup ChampionshipsMaster Pascetta is responsible for the promotion of two of the region’s largest and well organized tournaments: The Atlantic Karate Championships (from 1977 to 1987), and The America Cup Karate Championships (from 1977 to 1999). In 1982, the Atlantic Karate Championships drew over 700 contestants from all over the east coast, while the America Cup drew approximately 500. In 1985 and 1986, the America Cup featured International Team competition and was aired on CTN-TV to over 1 million cable TV homes.

In 1999 Master Pascetta “resurrected” the “America Cup” and in partnership with Master Frederick Scott (AMKOR) of Aston, PA he organized and produced this event at the CoreStates Center in Philadelphia. This event was done in conjunction with the Philadelphia 76ers Professional Basketball team with the help and support of Pat Croce, President of the 76ers at that time.

The event featured Black Belt competition with all the major styles represented and International Team competition. The event was filmed and broadcast on Comcast SportsNet. one of the largest cable television networks in the US. Master Pascetta functioned as a “host” for the television show providing the “color commentary” along with famous martial arts actress, Cynthia Rothrock.

Pascetta has also functioned professionally as a paid organizer and director at other prominent east coast events such as the Empire State Karate Championships in Long Island, N.Y. (1982, 1983), the World Bicentennial Karate Games in Philadelphia, Pa. (1976), the Ocean County Championships (1982), and the Eastern America Superstars Tournament (E.A.S.T.) in Clinton, Conn. (1983, ’84, ’85, ’86, and ’87). Master Pascetta was also instrumental in advising and providing technical support to Master Chuck Merriman during the first two years he headed the Bermuda International Championships (B.I.G.).

In 1992, Master Pascetta successfully negotiated the contract with Mr. Dennis Gomes, COO of the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort, to bring the 1993 WAKO World Championships to the United States at the Mark G. Etess Arena. At that time Master Pascetta held the position of Executive Director for WAKO-USA. As the result of this contract the 9th WAKO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS was held for the first time in the United States at the Trump Taj Mahal with over forty (40) countries represented by National teams. Although Pascetta secured the contract and details for the venue, the actual and final promotion and organization of the event was done by Jim Lantrip (Kentucky), Don Rodrigez (Rhode Island), and Tom Festa (New York), due to some internal political conflicts.


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