For Women Only, “The Powerful Alternative”

Master Pascetta developed a Personal Protection method and has written a training manual for Women’s Self-Defense entitled, “Street Survival – For Women Only”.  He was a well known lecturer in various colleges on that subject and initiated a pilot program which was taught in area high schools. This course was originally developed for the female nursing staff of a local inner-city hospital and was later taught to the female employees at the Taj Mahal Resort Hotel Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Master Pascetta’s manuals, “A.G.K.A.I  Belt Criteria,”and “A.G.K.A.I. Procedures Manual” serve to outline the curriculum and criteria of the A.G.K.A.I. Organization. The first publication functions as a student handbook for those students aspiring to achieve Black Belt status in this organization, while the second serves as guidelines for those instructors operating A.G.K.A.I. schools.

He has authored various published articles for trade magazines such as “Black Belt Magazine”, “MA Success”, and “Kickboxx – The Martial Arts Magazine”. He was a contributing author (one article) to “CDT – Non-Deadly Force Training” and it sequel, “CDT – The Art of Non-Deadly Force” written by Thomas Patire.  Master Pascetta  is currently continuing work on his latest  manuscript, “Secrets of the Masters” while writing articles for his Blog, “The Martial Arts Insider” ( on current issues concerning the Martial Arts today.

A.G.K.A.I Procedure Manual 2004

A.G.K.A.I Procedure Manual 2004

Black Belt Magazine – June 2004

Kickbox Magazine 2002



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