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Sanchin - Okinawa circa 1987

Shihan Pascetta, Sanchin Kata - Okinawa circa 1987

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  • Jason Hart says:

    I have had the pleasure and honor of learning from Master Pascetta for several years. His passion for this art allows him to continuously strive for excellence. I have had many lessons in my youth which have now only come to light in the middle of my 30's. We must evaluate and change our view and opinions of ourselves in order to grow. The way of martial arts is not just obtaining a blackbelt, it is a way of life as well as a way of thinking. I'm thankful for my training as evaluate the lessons from the beginning to current.

  • sabato trent says:

    Shihan, everything you said is so true. I have only one question. When can I train with you. I have known you for so many years and as I research my traditional korean style and having learned that it came from the Japanese which means by way of Okinawa and therefore from Fukien White Crane. I would love to talk with you about training under you – your style, your white b elt; no other way.

  • Dave Smith says:

    Hey Ric,

    How you doing, hope all is well with you and it was nice to find this website. Good stuff.

    • Hi Dave,

      Great to hear from you and see you're doing well. Thank you for the compliment. I'm glad you enjoy it. Don't hesitate to add your input or comments. I hope to speak with you soon. Ciao for now.

  • Anthony Barbetta says:

    Hello Sensei,
    I trained at your dojo my whole childhood but it has been quite a long time since then, but I would like to say that no one has the passion like you do. Since then I have trained and fought in Muay Thai big 1-0 record haha. I still wish i could train with you because I have never gotten the same feeling that I got while training in your dojo. I truly miss having the honor of training under one of the best martial artists who have graced this planet. I would just like to say thank you Sensei for the beautiful gift you have passed along to all of us.

    • rpascetta says:

      Thank you, Anthony for your kind compliments.

      It's great to hear that you have continued with your training, regardless of the discipline you chose. Muay Thai is a great art and quite demanding. Just the fact that you got in the ring for a contest says something in itself. Most people wouldn't have even put the effort to train in such a vigorous sport much less taken that risk to compete. Congrats on the perfect record so far. Even if it is merely a beginning, it is certainly a very positive beginning!

      I've written to you on Facebook so we can perhaps get together if that works for you and when it is convenient. My prayers are also for your Mom. I am happy to hear she is doing well now and pray for a speed and full recovery. I see you are a guitarist. It is not uncommon for many martial artists to "cross train" in other "arts" such as music, dance, or acting. Each of these activities promotes personal development and personal expression. This is another passion we share since I have also played since I was a teenager (just a "few" years ago.. LOL)

      Feel free to add your input, opinions, and comments on the Blog here and perhaps invite your MA friends to check it out too. I am hoping some of the articles here serve to inspire some positive interaction among all of those who have a passion for the Martial Arts. I hope to speak with you soon.

  • Dear Shihan Pascetta,

    I enjoyed reading your blog. Your heart is in the right place. Keep up the great work! And be well…

    With Respect,
    Rob Colasanti

    • rpascetta says:

      Hi Rob,

      Thanks again for your positive encouragement. I just checked out your Blog, and as with all the things you've ever been involved with, it is positive, pertinent, professional, and to the point. I wish I were as adept at expressing my ideas as concisely as you are. I would like to add a link on my Links page if that is okay with you. Please send me the logo or photo you prefer and the address to create the link and I will add it here. GOD bless and keep up the excellent work. Out industry needs more of the quality that you represent.

  • Victor Castagna says:

    Ric, one thing I realize as I went through your web sight, is that I am getting old. Very interesting about the MMA , I never gave it much thought but as a student of American Goju Karate I really did get the best of both worlds where we gave respect to the old traditions & the new techniques and we were better Martial Artist as a result. For all you old guys I have not seen in years I hope all is well & every one is in good spirits. Ric you have allways been one to keep it real, God Bless, and thanks for all the years of great teaching & friendship. Vic

    • rpascetta says:

      Hi Vic. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment here. The fact is that time stands still for none of us. So every minute we have here is a gift and one of the most interesting parts is that we each get to choose how we will spend it. I have been so blessed with the opportunity to interact in the lives of so many excellent students. It has been great pleasure to see so many of them succeed, not only in their martial arts activities but most importantly, in their personal and professional lives. Many started when they were quite young and at the time it felt like they were more like my sons or daughters and now, as the years have passed, many have become old friends. I am proud of the efforts I made to try and teach the best of what I knew at any given time to all my students yet, never be satisfied not to try to improve and expand my knowledge and experience. However, the unspoken truth is that I have learned as much from my students, and particularly during the process of such close interaction with them, as they have learned from me. Thank you for your kind wishes and, yes, GOD has blessed me in so many ways, more than I probably deserve.

    • Jim Miller says:

      hello vic I train a long time ago with you

  • Sharon M Himes says:

    Hey Ric,
    I read your article with great interest. I think that it brings to light many good points.
    You have always been one to keep striving for excellence. As one of your former students I can say that the training and discipline that I have learned under you has been with me for the rest of my life. I must say thank you Sensei for all your wisdom and dedication.

    • rpascetta says:

      Thank you, Sharon. I know from your posts that your life is full with activity, not only work, but with your family. Perhaps you may someday soon be able to consider returning to MA training. It is no exaggeration that in my entire teaching career I have never had a female student with greater spirit and more natural talent than you, while you were training. I know that we are presently many hours distance apart so I would expect you would seek out a local instructor who could and would teach and mentor you. It would give great pleasure to see you back "in action" and perhaps even share your passion for MA with your husband as an activity you could do together. Who knows, it's also possible that you may have chosen to close the door to that chapter in your life and devote yourself to other interesting areas, but whichever you choose, I know that the MA spirit will remain in your blood. It is part of who you are, even after all these years have passed and while you focus on other more significant matters. All I know is I believe that if you were to return you have the potential to take it to the limit. Let's see what happens.

  • Kyoshi John Fetzer says:

    First I want to state it is an honor to be your friend in and out of the dojo. I’ve been a student of the arts for 40 years and shared the tatami with some of the best. I want to let you know that your are a true Master in the Martial Arts. You keep it real and to the point and when it comes to Shihan Ric Pascetta “NOW IS NOW!!” ousss.

    Your Friend and student
    Kyoshi John Fetzer

  • F.G. Blair says:

    Ric (and I use that first name basis affectionately, based upon a long-term, back-in-the-day relationship)! Praise God we all grow up into the seeds that were strongly implemented into us in our early training!! We have now learned and COMPREHENDED that we were germinated to carry these gems into the next generations!! TEACH THESE TRUTHS until you can no longer function! They are real! They are true! In a world looking for strong-anchored, real truth linked with tried and true methodologies, this will be our "Cosa-Nostra!," OUR-THING!! Egos -to-hell! We as Grandmasters must link together on a spiritual level -agreement for this to happen! Praise God for your health and well-being Ric! Be blessed! I send to you my mission statement in low bow.."HUMILITY BE THY GOAL!!"
    My recent post New Year’s Wishes

    • rpascetta says:

      Hi Forrest,

      It's great to hear from you. I look forward to your input and hope to see you again soon.


    This is a Great Site, as I perceive, of much knowledge and experience. The more I read your Material the more affinity is developed. You communicate the same message my Teacher, Late GM Fred Miller, conveyed. It is great to hear from those who have not compromised the integrity of the Martial Arts and their Teaching for other gains. As a Retired LEO from the City of New York, I really appreciate your deep analysis and exposure of the issue of Defensive Tactics and Training in Law Enforcement, or the lack there of.
    My most sincere Respect and Admiration to you Sensei.
    Franklin Puello, LI, New York

  • Glenn Perry, Soke says:

    Shihan Pascetta, Greetings from an old friend and dojo brother. I wanted to thank you again publicly for sharing your time honed thoughts, insight and experience with everyone online. Truly a pleasure to read your blog as well as the comments. Stay well and "May the Force Be with You and Your Plans Always"!


    • rpascetta says:

      Thank you, Master Perry, for your kind encouragement and support. I hope we can see each other again soon to share some training time. It's been many years since I saw you with your Sensei, Master Ron Van Clief at GM Urban's dojo. Those were some exciting days. GOD bless and take care until we meet again.

  • Dave Steel says:

    Hello Sensei Ric:

    very interesting site: I already had respect for you, now I have upmost!
    Ok, please send me information on when the training center opens in N. Phila, and also more information when this program for security, and home security consigliare commences with details, Grazie!
    Dave Steel

  • rpascetta says:

    Thank you for the kind words, Dave. Will keep you posted and look forward to seeing you again soon.

  • thank you for sharing your blog.. love to read it.